Song Review-Struggle Rapper by Quest

Song Review-Struggle Rapper by Quest

By Dan-O

I have been a Quest fan for years and years. His projects are never easy to prepare meals, don’t get me wrong. The difference is Quest is an emcee who really emotes. Most of the rappers people think of as good at this are really just expounding upon the feelings they have in relation to how awesome they are. This isn’t really emoting its just bragging with a masking agent to cover.

On this song off his new mixtape Searching Sylvan he goes all the way in; using a term created to be insulting and turning it on its head. He owns the struggle rap title and articulates for almost six minutes (with no chorus) his blown opportunities, crying himself to sleep, and faltering while Kendrick and J.Cole came up.

 No one would do this to themselves. At least three quarters of this track is a diss song to himself. Quest is not just the toughest gangster of his own passions he produced the track Biscayne Blvd and large portions of Searching Sylvan are handled by his in house production team The Marvels. He’s got a direct hand in his own sound, a surprisingly durable flow, and a real superb aptitude for soulful music (see C.O.T. Dreams Dreams Dreams). I wanted to review this cause its his most unrestricted confession booth moment on the tape (although the tape’s finale May 10, 2012 comes close). In Maine we have an expression “If you don’t stay for the winter you didn’t earn the summer.” Tracks like this are the winter: cold, lonely, and beautiful. Lucky for every Quest fan we earn our way to the summer.  


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