Song of The Year-Life Jacket by DJ Quik featuring Dom Kennedy and Suga Free

Song of The Year-Life Jacket by DJ Quik featuring Dom Kennedy and Suga Free

by Dan-O

The Midnight Life might be the surest buy in hip hop this year. If you were anticipating a bigger and wilder event album from one of the architects of the west coast hip hop sound you got it. Last year’s Book Of David was great but this is superb. Quik is reckless with his beats incorporating new things and challenging what we think he can do(like Sherlock Holmes showing off), at the same time he brings guests on nine of the sixteen tracks because he loves the challenge. The better the guest the more excited he seems to deliver his verse. If feeling disrespected is the fuel Quik needs to sound like this I hope we get several years of him feeling that way (after that go and be happy sir, you deserve it).

This song could not be more pimpish starting from the funky soulful Troutman tinged beat. DJ Quik brags that he produced for Whitney and Janet. Dom Kennedy brags about reading a lot and wishes Etta James a great journey in the hereafter. Suga Free isn’t the one of a kind talent of his pimp rap bible Street Gospel but his crazy talk is still marvelous. A great group track raises the stock of all involved and when I heard this was the lead single that made perfect sense. It’s offensively pimpish and if that turns you away from it you don’t want any part of The Midnight Life but if you loved Quik at his best its money well spent.


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