Song of The Year-Club Goin’ Up On A Tuesday by ILoveMakonnen produced by Sonny Digital & Metro Boomin
Song of The Year-Club Goin’ Up On A Tuesday by ILoveMakonnen produced by Sonny Digital & Metro Boomin

by Dan-O

Whenever the 2014 mixtape universe gets discussed a large part of that shouting match is dedicated to how delightfully strange Atlanta hip hop has been. The first name given as an example of the engaging ATL oddity is ILoveMakonnen. His self titled ep glistens sonically with extremely polished production (a lot of it comes from Metro Boomin and Sonny Digital) running its seven track length. With no real guests to speak of it’s the kind of full introduction that earns you a fanbase.

I have no idea whether ILoveMakonnen has a great voice or not (listen to Tonight and tell me). His sing-shouting covers a lot of tracks. I know he creates fascinating herky jerky melodies over a completely different kind of production from Young Thug, Gucci Mane or any ATL trap sing/shouter. Interestingly enough he’s using the same producers those guys go too. His skill set allows them to stake out trails in different directions. It’s still muted and bass beautiful but the foggy remnants of a club beat are barely visible through the haze of broken trap space. He doesn’t seem to be interested in goofing around with his voice like Young Thug but he does do drug talk. It just feels like drug talk from space(like trap discovering David Bowie). Not only is this one of the best songs of the year but the ILoveMakonnen EP is one of the very best short form listens in 2014 hip hop. Not just from Atlanta. From anywhere.


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