Three Reasons to Bang Ric Flair by Killer Mike

Three Reasons to Bang Ric Flair by Killer Mike

by Dan-O

Killer Mike is front and center as a loud and proud community voice. The first hip hop name anyone calls to interview about a political issue. All the people rabidly supporting the current Mike should walk backwards into his discography and here is three reasons why you should start with Ric Flair.

1.This is the second best pro wrestler named rap song of all time. The first is New Jack by Smoke Dza. It’s not enough to just name your song after a wrestler you liked growing up and spit whatever; Mike turns the boastful success image of Flair into a lean soulful journey into a better life while envisioning its end and meaning. Mike doesn’t want to be the underground legend you use to besmirch pop rappers, he’s letting you know that no matter where the sales fall he’s in a position of power.

2.If you have just fallen in love with Killer Mike post-Run The Jewels and you want to do your history its important to note that the project this song comes off of ,Pl3dge, is the turning point for him. The Killer Mike you know and love was fully formed from Pl3dge and never looked back. He was always lyrical in the sense of having content and being flat out born to rap (borrowing this description of Mike from Bomani Jones) but this project marks our first glimpse at Mike the mastermind; The master song sequencer, production picker, and content organizer.

3. You can certainly analyze Mike’s relationship to women through his lyrics and you should. I don’t think it’s as simple as yelling sexist or misogynist and walking away. When he says “pretty parasites might suck ya like leeches…” it’s less venomous than terrified. This larger than life fire breather who calls out police, celebrities, or the government talked about the women he encountered after fame like they were a zombie army (in 2011). Jay-z had very similar themes about women before family life altered his perspective and watching a rapper change his thought process over time is very rewarding. It’s important to know that the baddest dudes are still trying to figure it out.


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