Song of The Year-Movin’ Bass by Rick Ross featuring Jay-Z produced by Timbaland

Song of The Year-Movin’ Bass by Rick Ross featuring Jay-Z produced by Timbaland

by Dan-O

I think my dream collaboration album would be Rick Ross, Jay-Z and Drake. Look at the songs they have all made together over the last few years! The difference in a Jay guest appearance on a Ross, Drake, or Jeezy song vs. the usual is Clark Kent vs. Superman. When people go nuts that someone killed Jay on a track, sometimes the song or the artist just doesn’t do much for Jay. Ross always pushes the perfect buttons to give us the outcome we desire. Even though Jay is just chorus laying and whisper doubling Ross at times he’s integral to the song and sounds excited about it.

The album this song appears on is Hood Billionaire and it’s kind of awesome. The bass is sensational all the way through and this feels like mixtape Ross; paranoid and sneering looking out of the window with weapon in hand. Jay snarls the chorus out like its 1997 and he’s prepared to pounce. Ross is the reason. That overwhelming desire to succeed that causes you to churn out music on an endless loop, to tour and do videos until you pass out of exhaustion is something he sees himself in.

These two go together so well this might not be your favorite Ross/Jigga collab of 2014. Early this year Ross dropped Mastermind with Devil is a Lie as a collaborative centerpiece between the two. That song is amazing as well and clearly the best song on the project. The difference this time is 1. The beat is better 2. The album is better 3. The album seems to grow around this song as its middle rather than fall into its shadow.


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