by Dan-O

It might be an understatement to call PARTYNEXTDOOR music seductive. His version of the OVO sound has the depth of an infinite space, pulling you deeper into it the more you listen. The bass is trampling and before you know it you’re so lost in the atmospheric splendor that you miss the clues as to his real intentions. From first line of the first song (Let’s Get Married) he’s saying crazy things about women “All I need is a woman who will want to agree with everything that I do. And get naked for me when I want her too…”

Enjoying PARTYNEXTDOOR music is like befriending someone you know is a terrible person because regardless they are funny, smart, and cool. As many showers as I’ve had to take after listening to PNDCOLOURS its one of the years (2014 ya’ll) best EP’s. Each song feels like a single you could build your album around. The vocal echo on Girl From Oakland melds with a pulverizing bass line and the projects best chorus to feel overwhelming while still maintaining its coolness. All of these songs are in first gear and use that laid back signature differently. Don’t Worry is a slow motion snarling brag. While Girl From Oakland is cool and seductive Juss Know is haunting as he repeats “I remember everything” in an accusatory tone while detailing a lost relationship and the bitter emotional residue laying atop blissful memories.

PNDCOLOURS is straight up mind control good. It doesn’t matter if you’ve liked PARTYNEXTDOOR in the past, once you’ve pressed play you won’t have a choice.

stream or download PNDCOLOURS below:


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