Song Review-If Skillz Sold featuring Siebz produced by Purp Dogg

Song Review-If Skillz Sold featuring Siebz produced by Purp Dogg

by Dan-O

Moss Da Beast did not release his #IfSkillzSold mixtape to shame the hip hop community for listening to the radio. The title is a way to get the discussion out of the way: Moss might never become popular by comparison to lesser rappers because the 40 year old suburban white internet tastemakers don’t deem him turnt up enough. From the safety of a warm fireplace they decide who is street enough and who isn’t…but if it was ever really about the music and not the machine that emits it…we might care more about dudes like Moss Da Beast.

While Moss would consider his product health food rap it’s not save your soul music. If Skillz Sold doesn’t represent another throwback project raising consciousness and throwing subliminal shots at the Southern sound. On this song he stews in grizzly imagery “When I unleash the beast that just mean the best out. Lyrics flying like a bullet that will blow your chest out,” and the mixtape is full of songs like Homicide, Earthquake, Pussy Niggas, and Surfing In The Air (great weed song) that represent tough talk quite well.

What puts it in the health food section is the intrepid attention to detail. I’ve never heard of Siebz before but he murders the first verse and you know what? Every feature kills on If Skillz Sold names like Jigi Dinero, Coruroy Clemens, and Chino Dollaz all rap like this is their one chance. Purp Dogg holds the world still with wind instruments on this beat while every word hits hard and it’s the quintessential title track for the project. It’s not asking for a world where skills come first, it’s creating it.


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