Song Review-Shit by Lil Wayne

Song Review-Shit by Lil Wayne

by Dan-O

I like my Wayne desperate and angry. The difference between stagnant Wayne and enraged ,in the zone, Wayne is shockingly vast. On Sorry 4 The Wait 2 damn near every song references the fact that Cash Money is holding back The Carter 5. On this song alone he references listening to it in his ipod and speaks about his time on Cash Money like a jail sentence.

Shit showcases Wayne with that undeniable flow dropping signature wordplay head scratchers like “I been a turd in these streets since these curtains were sheets.” Wayne went off the rails when he was bored with how successful he was but now (after a few bad albums) the view is that he’s over. If he has a Stillmatic-style comeback in him I’d be up for it. Birdman has talked about how betrayed he is by the seething indignation Wayne levels at him on Sorry 4 The Wait 2 but I wonder how far he’s willing to push (why is he pushing by the way? Why not let Weezy put out whatever he wants. He still gives great features and he made you this empire)? If Wayne leaves who would he take with him? Would Drake and Nicki go with him if he jumped into MMG or GOOD Music? If Wayne left would Drake really become the free agent rumors have declared him for a while? Would Jay make him an offer he can’t refuse to come to Roc Nation? Sorry 4 The Wait 2 leaves so many questions in its wake and the possibility of a brand new era.


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