Song Review-Gone Girl by Vado produced by Deelockit313 & Mandalae Didd

Song Review-Gone Girl by Vado produced by Deelockit313 & Mandalae Didd

by Dan-O

I’ve always thought it was strange that the NY goon rappers of old would wear Godfather persona’s and lecture (or sometimes just shout) about respect and honor and loyalty, then snicker at how dirty they were doing the women they were dating. Vado is one of the rare dudes who have talked about monogamy seriously in his music and interviews. He seems like an unlikely candidate since Wikipedia says his name is an acronym for violence and drugs only but Vado is all about honor.

He never breaks out of his fiery delivery, even for a break up song like this. The 8 song mixtape this comes off of, V-Day Ep II, has some great relationship talk. None of it gets anywhere close to Drake emotional. Over a smooth knocking beat that sounds like it belongs on Common’s Like Water For Chocolate Vado tells his break up tale about two people who loved and respected one another a great deal and even as the song ends and they block each other on social media (the modern goodbye) he never disrespects her or shouts her down.

This isn’t to say Vado is some sort of feminist hero. He’s just found a way to close the circle. If you want to be a man of respect in your crime raps you can’t be cry shouting about everyone in your personal life, without people starting to snicker a bit. What’s the use of being someone who lives by loyalty if you can’t make that work with the woman you love most? In Gone Girl Vado gives it the most honest try and no one catches anyone red handed doing anything tragic. Two proud people just drift apart, and that’s what makes this song feel so damn grounded.


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