Song Review-Money Counter by Two-9 produced by Charlie Heat

Song Review-Money Counter by Two-9 produced by Charlie Heat

by Dan-O

This whole who-killed-who-on-the-track way of thinking is post-Eminem v. Jay on Renegade(on The Blueprint). That’s not how we listened to rap music when real groups existed. To be honest my favorite groups were the ones where I never thought about whose verse I was listening too. The song was dope, the album was dope. If you ask yourself why hip hop isn’t filled with important groups today look no further than this difference; every modern collaboration seems judged by a power rankings philosophy of who did what on the track. This is the only way I would consider the new Two-9 mixtape B4FRVR old school.

They sound so good together, just chattering before the song starts, handing off the mic after laying blustering joyful toughguy verses that you sometimes forget this is five guys. This is a group of smaller groups that became a massive group. B4FRVR is rock solid night riding music with fun southern production shaded a little darker than you might be used too. It has multiple Mike Will Made It beats(3 credits total) as well as one from Metro Boomin and features from Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign, Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd so these guys are known.

The chemistry between members is so good it’s not a competition it’s a song. This isn’t sports, its art; functioning under a menacing determined vision. Two-9 music can only get bigger from here and judging from Money Counter they have the foundation to withstand getting much bigger.


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