Song Review-Fly Away by Boosie Badazz produced by Crush Hayven

Song Review-Fly Away by Boosie Badazz produced by Crush Hayven

by Dan-O

How many artists could borrow a very silly R. Kelly hook and repurpose it for lyrics like “when people take your words and twist it, on parole still pissing, man wishing sperm make some more real @$$ N_’s”? This isn’t R. Kelly’s I believe I can fly. It seethes with indignation and paranoia, sorrow and loss. Crush Hayven gives it not only the rippling bass but the echoing vocal loop that feels like a wormhole. Boosie would be justified to just talk about his own pain but he switches perspective to a woman hurting inside but posing for the camera and again for someone crying tears over the loss of a loved one.

I keep telling people that Boosie is the future. If I lived in Tennessee people would probably be annoyed that I was stating the obvious but I live in New England so they say “Boosie who?” Boosie just put out a new mixtape showcasing himself and his crew called Every Ghetto Every City and it’s great. Some of the songs by his crew are dodgy (specifically a song about having an impressive booty called Juicy by a lady calling herself…Juicy Badazz) but everything Boosie touches himself is spellbinding. His songs all seem to be full of emotion, toughness, and perspective while retaining the “this would be amazing live” feel.  Word from Boosie is that he wrote over 100 songs in jail and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that this is one of them. I maintain that with his titanic Southern following and mesmerizing delivery this is the talent Baby should rebuild Cash Money around. Someone who can do features with Rick Ross and make you feel like it’s HIS song; every second not on top feels like a waste for a dude like that.


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