Song Review-I Got Money by Raekwon featuring A$AP Rocky produced by S1

Song Review-I Got Money by Raekwon featuring A$AP Rocky produced by S1

by Dan-O

Raekwon’s 2015 album could be called Raekwon and Friends(it’s called Fly International Luxurious Art) for all the guests it carries (12 guests 13 total tracks) and a lot of reviewers have pointed out that its disjointed and not The Chef’s best work but it is interesting to hear him play off of other MC’s. Rae and Ghost are the last two Wu-Tang affiliates still sharpening their swords in 2015 and anyone who jumps on a song takes it seriously.

Sonically Rae is looking to evolve his East Coast gritty classic sound into something a bit livelier, and give him credit for knowing that’s something that needs to happen, he is picking the best beats in the Wu at this point and still murders verses. If you’re an old head you will love F.I.L.A.but be ready to catch verses from new school cats like 2 Chainz, Rick Ross and French Montana. While old heads might not respect some of these dudes Rae does and doesn’t seem to care about the generational difference. He who spits can spit.

This song totally supports my A$AP Rocky theory that the narrative about how interesting it is that he’s from NY and likes to make Southern Trap style stuff is holding him back. A$AP always sounds more interesting (to me) on a well-made East Coast beat than doing his own spin on trap. Raekwon has his own universe where every verse is smooth and smart; the imagery is always surprising and that environment is a place every rapper wants a guest spot. If you hate A$AP Rocky this isn’t the Rocky you hate and now you have to rethink what he’s capable of. The Chef knew the whole time and that’s why F.I.L.A. remains interesting a few listens in, cause when he does a song with 2 Chainz (F.I.L.A. World) its cause he bought weed off him when his name was Tity Boi and always knew he’d be star, back when all of us were stuck at “Why would you name yourself Tity Boi?”


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