Song of The Year-City G.O.D. by King Louie featuring Fetty Wap & KD produced by DJ L

Song of The Year-City G.O.D. by King Louie featuring Fetty Wap & KD produced by DJ L

by Dan-O

I would have to confess that as much as I LOVE Chicago hip hop in its current form…I would not miss Drill if it left hip hop. I would be more than happy to see it pass like cloud rap did but King Louie just won’t let it. He dropped a new mixtape Drilluminati 3:God of Drill as a follow up to last year’s wonderful horror movie rap opus Tony. It is raw and hostile and superb.

Louie is one of the few making Drill that doesn’t just fall into the genres framework. He stands out in his jagged delivery and scream flow. His hooks are always memorable(this comes back to how sticky his flow is, you get sucked in) and his beats are big enough to not carry the stale sorrow of most drill production. This song is a great example of everything that works about the King Louie blueprint. The DJ L beat seems to exist as a tsunami of bass that everyone rides. King Louie makes gunshot sounds himself and brags about leaking people’s plasma.

Oddly enough King Louie doesn’t seem to be very interested in polishing his product. The attraction to it is its raw excellence and if his catalog tells us anything it’s that Louie doesn’t have much interest in that main stage where the sharp corners get shaved off. If he breaks next level it will be on his own terms with a song every bit as seductively inconsiderate as it should be.


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