Song of The Year-I Serve The Base by Future produced by Metro Boomin’

Song of The Year-I Serve The Base by Future produced by Metro Boomin’

by Dan-O

I’ve disliked everything Future put out this year…on first listen. As a listener I was too accustomed to the passionate determination music. Future puts so much of himself into his flow that through the robotic vocal effect you really feel that he’s being honest. So when his content took a dark turn I believed that too and it threw me off. I was consumed with his hostile lean music as a cry for help and I missing the god damn music.

What Future is saying in I Serve The Base isn’t just horrifying it’s fascinating “I can’t change I was god given, tried to make me a pop star and they made a monster.” Now he’s talking about things that he hasn’t touched before and sometimes it makes me uncomfortable, that’s because he’s doing it right.

The other person doing it right is Metro Boomin’ who is listed as at least co-producer of ten out of the thirteen primary tracks on DS2. He’s the guy you need in your address book if you want it louder than you’ve ever had it. He will figure out how to do that. Some people aren’t looking for loud, they want dusty or smoky or minimal…call Metro Boomin’ for LOUDER than what you imagined.

Both Metro and Future have taken on the mission: to make this the loudest and most audaciously fun depressing album of 2015. Have you looked at the track titles on DS2? Some Examples: Slave Master, The Percocet & Stripper Joint, Blow A Bag, Blood On The Money. Like all this year’s greatest albums DS2 can’t really be judged by its first listen but by its fifth. Once you think you’ve heard everything and find yourself getting lost in all the things you missed. My first reaction wasn’t unfounded; it’s a hopeless project put out by someone with clear problems…but it sounds amazing. Both things can be true.


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