Throwback Thursday-Love Is Blind by Eve featuring Faith Evans

Throwback Thursday-Love Is Blind by Eve featuring Faith Evans

by Dan-O

I want no one who ever heard this song to forget it. Just that it existed and we all loved it. Every time a headline runs about how misogynistic this rap music or that rap music is (looking at you Compton) we need to remember that is not the singular identity of the genre. At the height of his success Swizzy threw all his best beats on Let There Be Eve… and she gave us a hip hop persona we have really never seen duplicated. She was sexy but not consumed by it, and emotionally intelligent. This song is about the physical abuse her friend goes through and the emotional abuse she takes on while it happens; that strange bouncing-light-off-the-mirror effect of letting someone’s situation completely mess up your life. By the end of the song their lives are mirrored, her friend’s life is over and she gets locked up for the revenge so freedom ends for the both of them.

While many have made the argument that Nicki is projecting the Lil Kim persona (with 30% Busta Rhymes delivery), I kind of wish more people drew from Eve. She was fashionable but not a fashionista and her beauty was always an easy part of her. Her music was never about putting you below her in the totem pole. It was about finding you in full through the catharsis of music and this song is that light, never extinguished.


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