Song Review-Violet Vibrato by B.O.B.

Song Review-Violet Vibrato by B.O.B.

by Dan-O

B.O.B. is rebuilding himself and he’s going to have to do it much like Mac Miller did; brick by brick with no one’s help. From the very first collection of songs he put out B.O.B. has been musically endearing, lacing songs full of buttery melody and upbeat syrupy accompaniment. As he rose in popularity people started to call him names because of that natural pop identity and he bristled deciding to run the other direction; the direction his enemies wanted him to go which is never where you should go. His new mixtape Psycadelik Thoughtz is a return to where he set out to be.

Any rapper who can convincingly sing uses that as an element of his work and all of those rappers are told they are not rappers. Sometimes it’s by other rappers who cannot sing; other times it’s from audience members who hate singing (don’t ask me to explain).  The cheesy guitar and airy feel of a Guns N Roses love ballad make Violet Vibrato perfect for B.O.B. This isn’t the B.O.B. everyone fell in love with but its close. He’s letting his mind wander in different directions again and needs to expand on this. I’ve always wanted him to do an acoustic album. Write a whole album of material that falls between rock and rap and perform it with an acoustic guitar and minimal accompaniment. At that point he could look at everyone with a smile that says “sure you hate this…but you could never do it.”


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