Song Review (Missed It Edition)-More by Cormega produced by Large Professor

Song Review (Missed It Edition) –More by Cormega produced by Large Professor

by Dan-O

Cormega did a full album with Large Professor last year aptly titled Mega Philosophy and it was just too much for me. Mega has been through ups and downs in his lengthy career (part of The Firm down with Nas, out of The Firm enemies with Nas) but his content has never ever been suspect. Any era of Cormega music is rock solid. Upon first listen…shockingly…Mega Philosophy sounded too stuffy and preachy and high handed. It was the Combat Jack Show interview, they played a lot of the album, that made me revisit it.

When I did I found out how limited my first thought was (this is why I would never ever write a one listen review). Mega Philosophy is a little over thirty minutes long and super heavy. Its fruits and vegetables but we need to eat our fruits and vegetables.  Anytime an artist tries to lyrically reach as high as they can, analyze life beyond the first and second levels of awareness, it can be called heavy handed or preachy. What if nothing was preachy or heavy handed? What if songs like More didn’t exist? Would we be better off for not using hip hop to discuss economic inequality, self-image, or race? Absolutely not.

More is the best example of what Mega Philosophy is for someone that missed it. He spits fast and intelligently over a simple knocking baseline and light harp strings. At the end of the song when he says “I’m here to help repair you” his voice sounds sharply and reliably authentic. He really felt the weight of an entire community on him when he delivered these songs and they bear that strength. So if you’re looking for music to purchase pull yourself out of the new release section and dive into Cormega.


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