Song Review-Stupid Loud by Black Dave featuring Project Pat produced by Shy Guy

Song Review-Stupid Loud by Black Dave featuring Project Pat produced by Shy Guy

by Dan-O

Black Dave has a really unique style and his series of mixtapes, Stay Black, have been a solid blueprint on how to make East Coast hip hop that isn’t awkwardly nostalgic or faking its way into other trends. Stay Black 3 is a tougher mixtape to love because it’s much more heavily trap production inspired (nothing against trap it’s just a well-worn artistic direction); not to mention very chorus heavy. Those misgivings aside I cannot get this song out of my head. I’ve been mumbling Stupid Loud for days now.

Project Pat attacks this song like Godzilla does Tokyo but if you’re venturing into the Trapverse and get Pat you have to know this is his neighborhood. He actually says “My dick a pistol in your gals mouth it went bang” Do you know how much Project Pat I’ve listened too?! How does he still manage to shock me and make me uncomfortable?

While Dave can’t boomerang his voice like Pat (nobody else can either) he gets his bars in. His almost monotone delivery raises the chorus to a new level of catchy; the beat is not minimalist but close enough. If you want a succinct and personable yet thoughtful voyage you should check out Lupe Fiasco-Pharoah Height but if the challenge you face is just vibing away the boredom at a bus stop Stay Black 3 will definitely do. Over time with additional listens I have a feeling it will take its place next to the first two as an interesting step in another direction, imbalanced but full of gems. Jewels that stick to the way Stupid Loud does. The rest will just take time to fit in.


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