Songs of The Year-Pretentious by Elijah Blake produced by Tec Beatz


Songs of The Year-Pretentious by Elijah Blake produced by Tec Beatz

by Dan-O

This song is a really well-crafted dagger in the heart of the kind of asshats I share classrooms with every semester (I am the second oldest person in every class). I love the refrain “La di di la di dey look at me I’m different, La di di la di dey by the way put on some Led Zepplin.” This song is by far the stand out of the ten that constitute Elijah Blakes new Blueberry Vapors mixtape but the whole thing is definitely worth a listen.

The point is this is a perfectly written song with just the right cheeky twinkling piano and great bassline (thank you Tec Beatz). This song says more about the state of R&B than anything else. Before Channel Orange (this songs sharp humor reminds me of Forest Gump from Channel Orange)we wouldn’t have expected songs like this, I would have been shocked to hear an intelligent humorous dissection of intelligencia chameleons because everyone was still stuck in leather jackets dancing in the rain doing R.Kelly. We are entering a real fantastic experimental time in R&B where it can really speak whatever it wants and voices like Elijah Blake are absolutely vital in that pursuit.



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