Song Review-A Little While by Lorine Chia & Romero Mosley

Song Review-A Little While by Lorine Chia & Romero Mosley

by Dan-O

Lorine Chia released a mixtape in 2015 produced entirely by Slade Da Monsta that sticks in my brain to this day. It was called Ono.Mato.Poeic. It was so unique, dexterous and comfortable I just kept walking around asking people if they had heard of her and telling people to find her. Little did I know that she would attack the end of 2016 so vigorously. She dropped a four song self-titled EP with Blended Babies that is without a dull moment and every inch outstanding. Before that she dropped a six song EP called Introduction to Sweet Noise (which I am still hunting down) but her new ep collaboration with Romero Mosley (When Morning Comes) provides several elements that you won’t find elsewhere and this ep could be her best work to date.

A Little While gives you what you need to know. Lyrically it makes sense that she has worked with people like The Game and Jeezy; while she has a sleek and interestingly slow amble to her singing she tightens up and delivers her verses as well as anyone. A minute thirty into the song she goes in and then fades back to that slow sticky syrupy delivery. Lorine Chia works well over intense dance-oriented production (see self-titled ep with Blended Babies) or more organic neo-soul production. She fits into any sonic vessel and makes the big picture better.

People only hearing When Morning Comes will think she is a throwback to that classic sound of early Badu and that is fine. Let them be surprised when they see her name floating in a totally different direction.


One response to “Song Review-A Little While by Lorine Chia & Romero Mosley”

  1. I loved Lorine and Naked Truths. Her music’s slightly different since those releases but I like her new stuff like A Little While. Her rapping on Purple Skies & Blue Rain was great too. There’s a track called Saturday on there too and I still love it.

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