#Bandcampgold-Triple Fat Lice by Homeboy Sandman & Aesop Rock

a2063461306_10Bandcampgold-Triple Fat Lice by Homeboy Sandman & Aesop Rock

by Dan-O

It comes out of nowhere in the most assured, thick New York accent “I didn’t vote I already got enough sticka’s.”By the time it hits my ears I’m letting out an audible OOOO making bitter beer face in public. I stare at my phone and say “that is the most NY sh_t I have ever heard.” The man speaking is Homeboy Sandman on Yoohoo my favorite song on the Triple Fat Lice EP he released with Aesop Rock.

I’ve never been a devoted Homeboy Sandman fan, he operates on a level of meta-awareness I find uncomfortable to listen to but I love him on the Lice EP’s. The mission is different, Rock and Sandman gather together to have the most fun they can have and just send it to whomever likes that. On Pins and Needles they repurpose the Phife-Tip interactive Chorus from Tribe’s Check The Rhime. They fill each verse with wild nonsensical humorous brags like Sandman claiming his first name is Danger and then immediately making it clear that these pretzels are making him thirsty. Sandman has always been a great rapper and at times he does turn his self-awareness back up but he’s still in a fun place which makes the journey a joy.

For Aesop Rock’s part the last few solo albums I have been convinced he is at his literal career peak as a lyricist (which I understand is blasphemous to the Def Jux underground). The Impossible Kid was better paced and more personal with less Rubix Cube lyrical word games. On that same song where Sandman goes full NY (Yoohoo produced by Quelle Chris) Rock has my favorite line of the project “I’m terrible at parties, wonderful at tetris.” You can listen to Triple Fat Lice over and over catching more as you go. The hilarity does give way to serious underlying messages. Comfy is about feeling assured that the world around you is so unreliable it makes more sense to never really lay down stakes.  Oh No provides a straightforward bass slapper of a beat and Rock goes off declaring that “the acid in my tummy eats bones and hooves”  before building an even more horrific image of our world “spinning out of the nothingness/ roaches in our honeycombs/ nothing in our moneyclips /bass in our media /spirits in our computers /sad trombones in our futures. ”

It’s followed by Pizza and Burgers where Rock says “Even if I’m Shakespeare on paper in person I’m Beavis.” This is the joke and the truth wrapped up in one and laid over familiar sounding lyricist friendly beats. I’m so glad these ep’s exist and I hope it introduces these guys to a whole new generation who keep hitting their newsfeed for updates on J.Cole and Kendrick doing an album together. The world is so much bigger and weirder and more fun than that.

Stream or download Triple Fat Lice below:



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