Song of the year-Desires by Garren Sean

Song of the year-Desires by Garren Sean

by Dan-O

I reap full benefits from the internet. As many are running hands through hair yelling “THIS IS TOO MUCH MUSIC! What do I listen to?!” I am sticking both of my hands as deep as I can in it and grabbing all I can find.  All the publications that I check recommend very different things but the best album that no one is talking about in 2017 is Garren LP by Garren Sean.

He is a Grammy winning producer for Coloring Book (according to Wiki he did Smoke Break w/ Future). Garren is a singer songwriter as well but boy does he produce. The sound of Garren LP is D’Angelo’s Black Messiah album pulled through the finest bay area slap vortex. Amazing basslines and heavy synthetic touches but he pumps in authentic guitar work and instrumentation throughout to broaden the universe.  His hooks are catchy without being intrusive or delicate with the correct understanding of where the song breaks and resumes.

It is a perfect 2017 album in that it doesn’t sound self-released at all. You will hear the burbling waves of Desire and lose your mind or drop your jaw at the construction of Preach with its profound horns and google Garren Sean…good luck. This dude doesn’t have a Wikipedia page.  Don’t let stuff like this overwhelm you, this is what is great about it. Every first click is a new opportunity to love something grown out of the mind of someone you’ve never heard of. The big names are only bigger because of the machine that puts them on your desk (and sometimes the talent). Remember that every big name has their own dungeon family of incredible minds waiting to put out their own content. Garren LP feels like Witchdoctor’s album from the 90’s. Amazing and somehow…overlooked.


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