Song Review-Influencer by Sleep Sinatra ft. Teller Bank$ prod by August Fanon

The proposition: 

The group of people who made this song should form a collective that makes albums together. 

The reasoning: 

The craft is so strong with these two. Sleep Sinatra-Sleeper Effect is the kind of impressive that grows with each listen. The wordplay and flow come so easy that he seems like one of those scorers who just can’t be stopped. Pull up, BANG! One move and a first step, DONE; not only that but my favorite beat on Sleeper Effect he produced(OnEarthAsItIs). 

When I spoke to Iceberg Theory about his newest album, The Cabal(a), I made a point to ask about Teller’s feature on it and he was effusive about Bank$ being one of the best out. After checking out Jaxkie Brown, I am all in. He has the dexterity of a special few, when he starts to rap you feel like a kid taking in a fireworks display. It’s entertainment defined but at the same time he pulls flow changes and flips phrases like no one’s business. 

They’ve worked together on a song called Deity and another called Baby. The results are always fantastic. As they grow their collaborations get better. Sinatra comes in menacing and paints pictures to leave suburban youth wide-eyed, then in a tone worlds removed from the slick Sinatra flow Bank$ drops “My apostles follow me into them foxholes…” and the song becomes something else. A great group is not just a meeting of craft but a team of voices, a dance of supportive tones, and the co-operative contrast between these two swordsmen is special. Comparisons are fine so Greg Nice and Smooth B or Bun B and Pimp C, two voices that share a mission a drive but merge into something different from what the two do by themselves.  

Listen to the two previous collaborations to hear what I am talking about:

I never do stuff like this. I just recommend stuff for people to listen to but hip hop groups are important, artist collaboration albums are important, I am tired of hearing two platinum rappers half-try through an album to smash trending exposure. August Fanon can make weird sounds normal, can make normal samples heart-wrenching and still leave plenty of space for the narrator to fill. It would be a great union and I can only hope their careers bring them there.

Either way, BUY THEIR STUFF!


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