Song of The Year-Bout Shit by The Lox f. DMX produced by Scram Jones

Living Off Xperience

by Dan-O

I think it is perfectly fine to critique songs that emulate this song (and the Lox in general) as nostalgia rap. It is not fair to label this song nostalgia rap since this is their sound. Gritted-teeth-NY-fight-music really caught it’s second wind…when Ruff Ryders took over and The Lox started pounding the stuffing out of the mixtape scene. At any point when they want to do a song like this we are free from wondering if music is being innovative enough, this is like watching Elton John in his duck costume blaze through Benny and The Jets. Just enjoy it.

This Scram Jones beat has so much gristle on it Statik Selektah must have thrown a lamp when he heard it. Vinny Idol threw a potato at his wall. DMX finds his adrenaline in spades on the hook, and when he says his rap sheet is longer than a lot of rappers catalogs that’ll make you think. On The Lox new album Living Off Xperience a lot of people noted how fantastic Jadakiss sounds but Sheek is the one who sticks out to me. He sounds comfortable, his jokes are funny (note the acne joke on Bout Shit), and he doesn’t sound like he has anything to prove to anyone. Can you imagine what The Lox discography would be like if they came up in this era and not the bloated-untrustworthy-label era? They would have been able to fully control their growth, which is what they do on this one.  It’s an album with different moods and tones that is artfully done. People who want a slightly matured Lox where the subject matter can be relationships, business deals, and nutrition this is your album. People who want to go full screw face, this is your album as well. 

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