–That’s what I mean by organic. None of my guests were forced. Not a single person on my album was a person that didn’t connect or didn’t get a piece of this record or do anything. These are all people who said ‘Yo, I want to get a part of this album, I want to be on this.’ And that was powerful man.

by Dan-O

Scorcese “Shells” Lorde Jones is diligent. He saw me reviewing people and approached me to look at his work. I knew something was there but I waited. When he put out Midnight Express a month after East Hampton Polo Boys-Summer Catalogue it felt like time. This project has a murderer’s row of guest stars all at top form. To be able to speak to someone about their influences and development, but more importantly, how it feels to work so hard for so long and finally have the audience you want…was once in a lifetime stuff. This conversation is long and I am not cutting any of it (forty minutes in a crackling/vocal doubling happens but it’s just for a minute) you need it. Also, if you want to look forward to the next phase of Scorcese, see below:

Me-So, unrelated question, if you were going to do a full length album with somebody that guested on Midnight Express, who would it be?

Shells-Eddie Kaine.

Me-Lotta good choices, lotta good choices.

Shells-I would…Eddie Kaine. It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for a minute…I’ve been meaning to ask him actually. I feel like a dope Shells/Eddie Kaine project Brooklyn/Philly over Jason Griff beats would be really ill. It’s funny, Me and Alaska were talking about doing a joint project, just an EP three to four songs, nothing crazy but most importantly I said “YO, we GOTTA do all back and forth raps” just have a lot of fun with it. But definitely Eddie Kaine. Eddie Kaine to me is one of those bulls that is really underrated, he doesn’t get talked about enough he doesn’t get mentioned enough I think Nezzie’s Star is an incredible record. He’s done records with Sean Price, like if that is not enough to stamp you?! Which to me is just insane. Him, Rim Da Villain that whole little BK crew. I’ve said it for a minute I think Eddie is one of the nicest out of New York. I’d love to sit down with him and say “Let’s just do like an eight song project.”

scorsese eddie kane - Insomniac Magazine

Whatever he does next his label, Insubordinate Records, will stay active. So bookmark this page

peep his music and merch up:


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