Song Review-Timeless Interlude by Bryson Tiller

by Dan-O

Tiller is so pure; the kind of dude who releases his new album (Anniversary )with the cover as him in a backwards hat and long sleeve shirt then releases a video from it in the same gear. The kind of dude who doesn’t ever reach for new/exotic/current sounds to poach and only has one feature on the album (Drake). The Timeless Interlude is unquestionably his declaration of individuality and strength. If you love Tiller it might not be for the voice, which is good but not top top tier. I would guess you love the pen.  If so, this album won’t let you down. The Timeless Interlude beat is a special mix of delicate and pulsating thanks to Lee Majors, Sean Momberger and Syksense. The piano and the moan of the sample breath alone for about twenty four seconds until the bass opens the door for Tiller. “Skimming through this picture folder/ wishin’ I could live it over/ but you wiser when you getting old/ normally I’m closed off but just for this specific song/I might try to let them in/save lustin’ for a different song.” He talks about the expectations on his work, the people in his life, how alien this new lifestyle is but how grateful he is for the chance to do it. For two minutes and fifty nine seconds it feels like the purest soul song he’s made since Trapsoul. Only Tiller could walk through the unbearable pressure ,at his level, to fit in and come out unscathed. Only Tiller could do this song for us.


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