Hold This Date-11/13/2020 FlySiifu’s

by Dan-O

FlySiifu’s is a collaboration album between Fly Anakin and Pink Siifu. The cover by Jacob Rochester is just beautiful. It manages to be striking, explain the simple premise that this is a record shop the two run, and convey via the body language of the MC’s captured what kind of ride this is going to be. The exciting part is that the first two singles released achieve the same balance.  

Pink Siifu is someone I’ve always thought of as a hip hop stuntman. Gleefully driving across the open ravine of a brand new premise. He leaps from smooth r&b influences to jagged punk sounds and anything else he wants to do. Most artists still have a little concern in them about going too far out. Siifu doesn’t.

Anakin for his part is a born rapper. Both of these gentleman have already released full albums in 2020 and this collaboration is twenty two songs with production from Madlib, Jay Versace, Ohbliv, Budgie, Lastnamedavid, amongst others.

Mind Right is what sold me. The video brings us into the shop Clerks style, laughing at old vinyl covers and falling into the trance Jay Versace weaves with the light touch of chanting and jagged sonic loop. As Siifu and Anakin exchange doing the hook it seems to come out in a cloud of smoke. Liv.e comes onto the track like the FM DJ from the movie The Warriors if her pipes were like Jhene Aiko. This album is going to be a newly defined vibe species.

The second song I heard was Richard Pryor produced by Playa Haze. It confirms the warm mid-tempo bar for bar comradery this project was built on. The concept is loose enough to give room for hard bars, deep hooks, smoke breaks, jokes exchanged.

FlySiifu’s aims to be a movie but not the kind DJ Khaled always says he makes, not a blockbuster. The third song you can stream (Dollar Dr. Dream prod by Animoss) doesn’t push you hard, its ill bars and a deep groove. This album aims to be one of those movies you watch over and over until you don’t just know when the joke is coming, you can’t wait. I’ll be honest. I need an album like that right now.

Stream and pre-order Flysiifu’s below:



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