State of The Game Vol. 30-A Unique Approach

by Dan-O (and K Diggy)

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This weeks agenda:

● Look at a grouping of 2020 releases and identify what is unique about
● How does an artist with a left field perspective or sound create a place
for themselves in the marketplace?

● Fat Tony- Exotica . Fat Tony is an established Houston rapper whose
releases go back to 2010. He’s so established the first song on this
album has Bun B on it. Fat Tony is funny but not a comedian, thoughtful
but not making activist music. He’s odd but in a genuinely engaging way.
● Dej Loaf- Sell Sole II . Sel Sole, the mixtape was a lightning bolt. Dej
could sing sweetly about murder or rap seductively about moments alone
with a lover. When she broke big her releases got molded into seduction
only, the rough edges got sanded. It didn’t work. Sell Sole II is her
back with the off-beat cadence and gorgeous voice alongside incredible
features she was born to rap with.
● Junglepussy- JP4 . Ok I know the name is a lot. The music has been a LOT
in terms of sexual details. This newest album still has a propulsive
primal heart to the music but it’s much more personal. I think you might
actually really like it

● Zilla Rocca and Ray West- Rowhouse Whispers . Zilla is a philly rapper
through and through, an East Coast rap specialist. In this EP with Ray
West he opens up a little, beyond slick references, into the heart of
what he loved about old school rap. It’s an ep where the nostalgia for
golden age rap is the point without sounding like it structurally.


  1. Is having a naturally drastically different perspective to your music an
    advantage or disadvantage? Does it depend on the timing of how your
    oddness fits into the marketplace at that time

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