Nation Gvng-Every Song’s A Celebration

by Dan-O

The newest release on Insubordinate Records is great! The full length album by Nation Gvng (PR The Great, Black, BIGSPITGAME, Scorcese) is a furious workout of focused voices passing the baton at full speed to a partner who surges forward. You don’t need to know wrestling to love it. You don’t need to have heard any of their solo work or previous work together. Pressing play on the first song should be enough. These are unique people who have built a collective identity that should live with you for a long time.

I will never mislead you into thinking that I am unbiased. That is not my job. My job is to spread my ears everywhere and bring back only what is great. This has been a wonderful year for FME. Scorcese was my first Zoom guest and sought me out because he believed in my perspective. This LONG conversation was a celebration of how high the rising tide has brought us and the opportunities just on the other side.

Step 1: listen and buy Nation Gvng

Step 2: Join our celebration!


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