State of The Game Vol.37-Man On The Moon 1-3

by Dan-O

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Daniel Olney, Keith Rollins

New Business
● Talk about what makes each volume of Man On The Moon important and
unique musically.
● Dissect the general influence of the series and specific influence of
the albums and songs.

Man on the Moon: The End of Day came out September 15th 2009. As
innovative and anthemic as it was, it wasn’t universally adored.
Metacritic has it at 71/100. This was a new sound for hip hop and a lot
of people were deeply uncomfortable with it. It charted all over the
world(Swiss, France, Germany, UK, Canada) and as of July 2017 was
finally certified double platinum.
Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager came out November 9th 2010. It
actually has a worse metacritic rating at 69/100. On March 27 2018 it
was certified platinum .
Man on the Moon III: The Chosen came out December 11 2020. As a follow up
to last years short collaboration Kids See Ghosts w/ Kanye west. The
guests really reflect the width of Cudi’s influence ranging all the way
from Pop Smoke to Phoebe Bridgers. Does it feel like the proper finale
for this series?


  1. Travis Scott(Owl Pharaoh mixtape from 2013 is STEEPED in Cudi influence)
  2. Raury
  3. XXXtentacion
  4. Post Malone
  5. Lil Yachty
  6. Kodie Shane Kid Cudi Poster Pursuit of Happiness, Man on The Moon Album, 8"  x 10", Unframed Art Print/Poster, Hip Hop Music Rappers: Posters & Prints

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