5 Questions for Bloo

Honestly, it’s just a deep zone I fall into. My emotions are everywhere, which plays a major part in my writing.–Bloo

by Dan-O

Between MF Bloo and Danger Bloo the Bronx MC gave us a lot to chew on this year. It’s a perfect way to introduce yourself to the listening public, from the Madlib and Doom references to the enthralling production Spanish Ran always provides. We got multiple albums and the work done on them makes Bloo one of the finds of 2020 for a lot of us. I have to confess I’ve had some of these questions burning in my head all year while listening to him. His perspective and skill set are unique and I am so glad that the answers so succinctly represent the voice in my ear this year.

Q- My favorite Bloo moment from 2020 is on the song Diallo from Danger Bloo. Midway through the song you say “Show aggression more than happiness…shouldn’t be the case.” To pivot from ferocity to personal accountability that swiftly is very Bloo. Does writing a sequence like that feel special or are you lost in a zone when writing and it is just continuous? 

A-Honestly, it’s just a deep zone I fall into. My emotions are everywhere, which plays a major part in my writing. I’m just as human as everyone else, still going through sh_t. But there’s also a lot of joy and thankfulness. It’s a constant battle between the two, so when writing, I’m doing it for Chris AND Bloo. 

Q- Spanish Ran is one of 2020’s best producers. Can you remember a Ran beat you were most excited to shred? What does his production get out of you?

A-Shout out to Spanish Ran, my brother. Every beat that man makes, I wanna shred Lol. So I guess the excitement for me, is him pressing play. Ran knows exactly the type of beats I like to tap into. I’m a big fan of challenging beats. The J Dilla, Madlib vibe. So with Ran’s versatility, he would create his own sound which I can express myself lyrically. 

Q-You and Al-Doe on songs together fit like Robert Deniro and Joe Pesci. Any hopes of a collaboration album? How would you describe what Al-Doe brings to the table?

A-Haaa that’s a dope outlook. Shout to my  brother Doe. Well the Church is making a lot of moves, so don’t be surprised if you see that come to fruition. Doe is the general of this army. With his knowledge of the rap game, he helps teach us the right moves. Not to mention he provides top tier bars. I guess in short, He brings the table. 

Q-The Bronx has a distinct rap personality. How would you define Bronx rap v. the other boroughs? 

A-Tell you the truth I really couldn’t define it. Every borough goes through their own kind of pain. I guess it’s more a pride thing, being that I’m from the Foundation of it all. 

Q. Over the progression from Gracias to MF Bloo to Danger Bloo it felt like you were growing  and adding skills/tools/dimension along the way. What do you do better as an MC in 2020 than you did in 2019?

A-Well 2019 and before that…I would just rap to rap. Gracias was actually a combination of songs I’ve done previously. But we managed to have them sound cohesive. Also as Spanish Ran progressed on the beats, my flow would also progress.  By 2020, I found my sound. The objective is to make timeless music. My uniqueness is helping me grow.

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