#BandcampGold-Name Your Price edition

by Dan-O

I know you love a good deal. I bought all these albums for $1 and got more than any dollar should give you. It is ok to be cheap getting to know an artist and open up the checkbook as you really find the love. Here are three projects that you can do that with.

We Are The Karma Kids by The Karma Kids

If you read these names to me and said they were making albums together, I might scratch my head. How do you go from Googie’s roar to Duncecap’s off kilter winding oddness? Rap isn’t math sometimes it just works sometimes it works because it shouldn’t. The participants in play: Duncecap, Googie, Gruff Lion, Lt. Headtrip, and Samurai Banana. Duncecap smashes Keep Calm, as odd as a turtle explaining physics and just as interesting. 20th Letter’s beat for Hot Sauce really sets the table for the hectic energy throughout the album. Honestly, the production is fantastic all the way through. Lt. Headtrip doesn’t just hold up verses his beat for Shin Kick is seething with fascinating background transitions happening behind the bars. Steel Tipped Dove throws in a beat he would likely give to Trent Reznor if he hadn’t given it to this album. Samurai Banana does 5 of the 11 songs (it comes with instrumentals that bring it to a total of 21 tracks) and cuts to the heart of the matter with interesting compositions that give the song a base for the mc’s to rap on. Favorite song-All Those Different Flavors. My thing on this one: I love Googie. He was born to rap and I want to hear everything he raps on. This project used my love of Googie to find my way into these other voices.

Stream then Buy We Are The Karma Kids below:


Tomorrow Kings Archives by Tomorrow Kings

Another benefit of listening to Iceberg Theory! On his newest project Dispatches From The Kali Yuga he featured Lamon Manuel and Skech185 of Chicago hip hop group Tomorrow Kings. I had not heard of them so I used this archived collection as an entry point. Fifteen seconds into Super Rich I was smiling. This is my kind of thing, “Black samurai, séance to the sounds in my head…” everyone’s on a mission to absolutely destroy the verse that preceded them. These are the first songs they made together and Lamon says “It was probably the most fun I’ve ever had while making music.” You can hear it. Hungover Driver is a bunch of damaged minds pulling the wildest imagery under what is one of my favorite hooks ever. Smh. I have entered and will definitely move through the catalog! Next up their 2013 album Nigger Rigged Time Machine.

Stream then buy Tomorrow Kings Archives below:


Shadows 3 by Lord Juco

A very thin subset of artists are so talented and so prolific that I would subscribe to them like Netflix. I would pay a monthly fee to just get every Chris Crack, Hus Kingpin, and Lord Juco project sent right to me first. While Sold is only a minute thirty four seconds it is flawless in form. Flashius Clayton and Skunkz goon out Juco on Staff Picks. The project production is handled by Bohemia Lynch who curates a horror sound as shocking as the cover with a lightly beautiful texture underneath. The keys on Staff Picks, the strings on Stelvio. Every song has something pretty to grip onto as Juco bulldozes our ears, “Show and prove not show and tell, be a cold day in hell when Lord hold an L(Scene Selection).” Oh, I know.

Stream then buy Shadows 3 below:



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