Song of The Year-Heaven by Pink Sweat$

by Dan-O

To my ears this song isn’t even R & B it’s just B. It’s off his newest album release Pink Planet. The way his voice stays high and stretches before fading into a conversational tone confidently delivering slick ish like “love you like the tide, pull you close at night…and I won’t let all these waves knock us down.” Pink Sweat$ approach is boldly and unapologetically romantic with a Clapton-esque guitar solo at the end to transition into the next song (Paradise). This is one of a few songs that might remind you of a slower Prince moments where he let his voice command the space. For some people this music will be cheesy but not to me. Cheesy romance music fails to commit. It goes half way and sits in the middle trying to be both cool and romantic, party music and first kiss music. Heaven is about really falling into someone else and not even letting it cross your mind how that looks to anyone else. It’s a theme he builds throughout the album but Heaven is the second song and it all grows from here. As an overly romantic goof this is my song and when my 7 year old son told me he loved it, I smiled a deep dad smile. Some things are just pretty and you don’t have to know song construction to identify it. Some songs have a heart the same flavor as yours, from the voice to the strings. The sounds are born into this world beautiful.


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