FME Roots Roundtable with Zilla Rocca and Rob from Next Movement Podcast

by Dan-O

The brainchild of this idea was simply “The Roots are confusing.” A statement that had been running through my head for years. As Black Thought started flexing his lyrical acumen around the hip hop landscape I was watching like the Leonardo DiCaprio meme wondering if we will live in a future where that is all he is known as. GOD MC. What about the head scratching turns? The Malik B fall out. The Big Pun feature. I wanted to talk to people in Philly who knew the area, the people, the scene. Living in Maine none of what The Roots did made sense to me, I didn’t know all the details. Rob and Zilla absolutely did and the long rewarding discussion we had is one for the books. If you lived through it, this will bookend your Roots experience. If you didn’t this is your cheat sheet. Your welcome.

The Dream Team 2021


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