Song of The Year-Sanford & Sun-Ra by Curly Castro featuring Scorcese and Fatboi Sharif produced by dos4gw *free content*

by Dan-O

The best thing about following Wrecking Crew is the growth. While last years compilation (Raheem’s Lament) was a perfect treasure map to the past solo projects of Prem Rock and Zilla Rocca as well as the upcoming (at that time) BlUu Edwards album with Curly Castro and Small Professor. The success of it (Raheem’s Lament) has made the sequel a much more serious event. The stakes on Steel’s Kitchen have raised and that’s in great part due to the growth of each individual within the collective as well as the overall collective. ShrapKnel lit a fire under both Prem and Castro with its wider success and best opening song of last year. Zilla Rocca enjoyed unprecedented success also with his masterfully planned Midnight Sons collab with DJ Chong Wizard.

All this is to say you can FEEL the difference. This Star Trek crew knows their way around the galaxy. So this time around we hear crunchy spooky broken sounds like DøøF‘s beat for Mario Bros and this beat by dos4gw. It’s a Halloween banger, where you can feel the chains of the undead drag along wooden floors. Castro understands this and continues his domination of hooks the way Rafa Nadal dominates clay courts(you get it). This is not just the best song of the compilation but one of the best songs of the year. Fatboi Sharif coming off his own game changing album is fired up claiming he woke up in an ubusive relationship with God! While Scorcese Lorde Jones has passed his voice is alive and being thrown around the track with abandon (listen to how he says ‘murderers and robbers’) . His verse starts “Mr. Beelzebub, now here’s the rub.” These three love word choice as much as flow as much as anyone doing it. This song is such a concentrated shot of top wordsmiths who have come into their voices and know every inch of their skill. Listen to it, and bring it back at four minutes and fifty five seconds when it ends.


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