Song of The Year-Do Em Filthē by IAMGAWD featuring Decay The Llama, Tone Liv, GreenSLLIME, SolarFive, and Defcee produced by Doc Da Mindbenda

By Dan-O

The Filthē records contingent are such a fascinating group. This song comes off of the new IAMGAWD & Doc Da Mindbenda collaboration Hells Angels & Heaven’s Demons. IAMGAWD has a few characteristics I’ve fallen head over heels for. His multi-syllabic word choice and thought organization within his flow are amazing. On the song Common Sense he rhymes “wine rack” with “mind at” no matter how much he pushes the technical aspects of his writing, his flow adjusts so that it all comes off smooth. It’s how we all used to feel listening to Royce Da 5’9. On top of that technical ability, he’s a heavy hitter. Every punch he throws is for the knock-out. On this massive posse cut with his label he says “Our heroes ain’t in no comic books nor do they fight crime. They either sold dope, gangbang, hoop or they write rhymes.” Mere seconds later he follows with “Still I rock it like a coat of armor, move with morality and a code of honor for when it’s my go with karma.” Every line deserves a stamp down of emphasis and he does it. No jabs, every shot is a powerhouse.

Decay The Llama starts off composed and flexing “The streets or computers, I’m bombing on you losers!” Tone Liv starts to speedbag the beat alternating speeds and holding America accountable for its history. GreenSLLIME is a rappers rapper you can drop anywhere and following Tone he runs the baton forward admirably, handing off to my guy!  SolarFive is an obsession of mine, his EP Selfmedicated is on repeat, because his voice is the most melodic of anyone. It can bounce and stretch, slow down or dance. All the while making sure to catch your attention with unexpected imagery like “big buddha belly hanging over the waistline.” Going from SolarFive to Defcee is a pure joy. Defcee and IAMGAWD share that love of technique meets meaning, every bar beefed up and eye opening. Impact on a second to second level…which is exactly Why IAMGAWD took the mic for the last few minutes and didn’t give it back.



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