Who Do I Want To Produce For Teller Bank$ NEXT?!

by Dan-O

I love the relationship Ed Glorious has with Teller Bank$. From last years The Grotesque & Beautiful to the just released The Part & Parcel. Ed’s boom bap is 25% more soulful than any other you’ll find. I talked to Sleep Sinatra once about how the samples on their album Sleep Gloriously sounded like they were crying. Those beats bring something special out of you. That being said, Teller has a voice that can do just about anything and his next project should sound totally different. I want to hear him dissect and recreate phrases over something…jagged.  So while I listen to The Part & Parcel for the third and fourth time I daydream my options. Here are five:

Nickelus F-As a fellow weird voice all-star on the mic F found a way to produce for himself at an elite level. From his last album (2018’s Stuck) on backward you can hear how he recreates elements of hip hop to fit his nasally delivery. The soul gets chopped up and mixed into the trap, the singing is sometimes in the hook sometimes outside it. Teller has tried his best to separate his boom bap output from his new school electricity (see 2020 self-produced project Jaxkie Brown). I wholeheartedly believe that F would be the key to merging these two sides into a single album, the bounces that both slaps and resonates.

Raphy-This might seem like a trendy pick with how en fuego Bruiser Brigade is but this fills a need. From TV62 compilation to Dope Game $tupid and Santa Barbara the production style is exciting. People have compared it against The Bomb Squad. Raphy definitely isn’t layering samples as thickly as The Bomb Squad but that smash-in-the-face impact is the same. Listen to the title track of Bruiser Wolf’s- Dope Game $tupid to get a sense of the swing/movement he brings to each song. Add that on top of the dirty guitar fuzz, scratchy sounds it would allow Teller to go full throttle. It wouldn’t bring his emotions out it would bring the MC lion out.

Infinity Knives-No one in the world makes music that sounds like Infinity Knives. Listen to Candy from the album he did with Brian Ennals (Rhino XXL). Candy is dance trip-hop reevaluation of old hip hop sounds. Willower sounds like Tricky turning Timbaland into a student in the dark arts. Brian Ennals is smash mouth gold on the project and the connection Knives has with him is great. When I say Teller’s voice is capable of so many things…Knives might be the only name I can think of that would explore every single option.  

Argov-Teller has so many facets. He’s funny, insightful, but hostile. He’s just cool enough that the hostility never jeopardizes the swagger.  Argov would bring waves of darkness, sometimes as minimal as Ed Glorious but sinister like the song Sun(or Blame) off Pro Zay x Argov’s album Chain Smoke. What does evil Teller sound like? Should we avoid it? I’m like the goofy teen in the horror movie. I want to open that door.

DøøF-I’ve been thinking about this option since April. Pro Zay dropped his album Blood Stained Pages and the second song is produced by DøøF featuring Teller. It sounded great. The shared vision between Teller and DøøF is huge. Both are unconventional without ever worrying about it. As a producer, he just can’t resist taking a pretty sound and mutilating it. Twisting it so further from where it began that it’s a new species of ugly gorgeous.  Both Teller and DøøF follow what they want to do and it always sounds like its from a different planet. They understand themselves, understand what the other does well. The trust would allow them to push each other to a new planet they find together.


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