State of The Game Vol. 89-AOTY 2021 25-1 w/ GENG PTP

by Dan-O


GENG PTP, Daniel Olney, Keith Rollins


New Business

  • Go over top 25 albums of 2021 highlighting what separated these projects from others.  
  • Each of us should talk about something we’d like to see more of in 2022 music. 


1.Ka-A Martyr’s Reward

2. Little Simz-Sometimes I Might Be Introvert

3. Sault-Nine 

4. Curly Castro-Little Robert Hutton

5. Isaiah Rashad-The House is Burning

6. Armand Hammer x Alchemist-Haram

7. Raquel Rodriguez-Sweet Side

8. PremRock-Load Bearing Crow’s Feet

9. Bruiser Wolf-Dope Game Stupid

10. Shannon and The Clams-Year of The Spider

11. I Self Devine-Rituals of Resilience

12. Cleo Sol-Mother 

13. Mach-Hommy-Pray For Haiti

14. Defcee x Messiah Musik-Trapdoor

15. Lukah-When The Black Hand Touches You

16. Janette King-What We Lost

17. Sleep Sinatra x Ed Glorious-Sleep Gloriously

18. Big Flowers-Big Smile

19. Lady Blackbird-Black Acid Soul

20. Pop 1967 by Andrew

21. Jason Griff x Alaska Atoms-Human Zoo

22. Teller Banks x Ed Glorious-The Part & Parcel

23. Aaron Lee Tasjan-Tasjan!Tasjan!Tasjan!

24. Dave-We’re All Alone in This Together

25. Jazmine Sullivan-Heaux Tales


  1. A trick for making lists-the number before the next set of ten is critical. Your 21st, 11th pick becomes a guardian for the next set of ten. They create the mix.

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