5 Questions for Flu!

Intro and Questions by Dan O

Answers by Flu

He’s home now, and he’s on a massive mission. I can’t wait to watch it all unfold. 

The 7 song collaboration between Melbourne, Australia’s Flu and Young Zee ,SCUMBAG, brings me back to hearing the Outsidaz for the first time. Beyond the elite emceeing the tone was so grimey you could imagine them as subterranean society. I could envision Zee, Pacewon, and Digga riding alligators through the sewer system spitting the universes best 16’s. Zee and Flu brought back the feeling! Shocking, hilarious, uncomfortable and charming all at the same time they get the best out of one another and all guests present. Flu is the master of a mood that leaks acidic terror. I got to ask five questions:

Q-So good to hear Zee, Pacewon and Rah Digga rapping over great beats again! Any chance of an Outsidaz reunion project? Or at least a new Rah Digga album?!

A- Firstly, thanks for saying the beats are dope! Means I’ve done my job and held down my end of the deal. As for a new Outsidaz project, that’s probably a question best asked to my man Zee. But if they do ever plan on one, I’d love to get some production on there. 

Q-Did you have a most shocking lyrical moment on SCUMBAG ? A song, verse, or single bar where Zee dropped your jaw?

A-Haha. Zee is such an entertaining rapper. Whether it’s his references, his punches, his delivery etc. I was pretty much cracking up every time he sent me back verses for the songs. So I couldn’t really single out one particular part, it’s all insanely written. 

Q-I need to know how Slave Son came to be and what your reaction was to Zee’s vision of it. Did you view this or any other song as a risk to put out? I know that everything is overanalyzed and outrage is a popular response to art, music, and media. SCUMBAG seems to be on a mission to punch that in the face. Did your faith in the mission ever waver? 

A-Man, when Zee first sent back Slave Son I messaged him back saying “whoa? this is intense”. I didn’t expect him to hit me back with those verses on that particular beat. It didn’t have a hook at the time so after I had his verses, I really had to make sure I made the hook perfect for what he was saying. I was very aware that I had to honour his story the best way I possibly could, and I think we achieved that. I think it’s a very powerful song. It’s sad, but it’s history. I think it’ll be a stand out too as we’ve rarely heard Zee get this introspective. 

Q-Do you view Scumbag as a direct growth from your Wally Clark collaboration GOON or a totally different unrelated universe of sound? Which project was easier to make?

A-I definitely never make the same album twice. I’m very adamant on that. I think every album is a form of growth from the previous, or at least, I feel, it should be.  GOON took a couple of years to complete as I was dealing with all kinds of life shit at the time. SCUMBAG was easier in the sense that I was finally back to living better and could get this done in a pretty quick timeframe considering how much I agonize over every little detail on each beat. 

Q-I love Tonight because Zee gets really melodic without losing any edge. SCUMBAG is a great showcase for all the untapped potential Zee still has. Do you think we will have to have to wait for a new Zee project after this (the way we have in the past) or is a productive focus taking shape?

A-Tonight is amazing! I love what he did with that song. The singing, the hook and bridge. Getting Rah on there! I was mad amped to be a part of all of this. I can definitely tell you you won’t have to wait as long between projects for Zee to release new music. He’s home now, and he’s on a massive mission. I can’t wait to watch it all unfold. 

Stream then purchase SCUMBAG below:


Stream then purchase Wally Clark x Flu album GOON below:



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