Song Review-Just Give Me Your Time by Lee Fields

by Dan O

This song provides me a completely unique experience every time I listen to it. It’s a Soul song and a little bit of a Funk song, you’ve heard those before. You know the background cooing and the gentle guitar. If you are a fan of the form at all the voice is an instant ID for a one of a kind career. An artist fearlessly exploring this genre from the 60’s to today and still pushing himself. Back with Daptone Records producer Gabriel Roth, they move at their own pace on Sentimental Fool. I guess I’d heard so many hi hats, so much drumless sampling and jagged interjections (2022 ad-libs are a lot) that listening to Just Give Me Your Time always allows me to reset. It’s the slowest most beautiful ballad I’ve heard in 2022. Mathematically you’ll find slower songs designed to barely move but I don’t think you’ll know why they are that way. This one slinks and drags its feet while Lee belts and pleads. It still has that James Brown HIT ME moment every few seconds to shake you. This song feels like it’s from a different decade, a different time in music when love songs were painfully earnest. When sex was implied as the core magma in a planet of emotional reaction. I’m not downing the state of R & B, I love the next generation but listening to Just Give Me Your Time connects you to something classic. Like an important novel or painting from hundreds of years ago that doesn’t age well it never ages. Every time it enters your sphere its necessary. Lee Fields has spent a lifetime finding a way to speak about love that is real in a totally different way.


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