Song Review-Electric Blue by Boldy James x RichGains featuring Jonathan Chapman

by Dan O

The Boldy James & RichGains collaborative album ,Indiana Jones, is really good. Doesn’t sound like any Boldy project to date. The 17 songs include multiple Sir Michael Rocks features delivered in a near whisper. The most interesting guest for my ears is Jonathan Chapman who doesn’t just smash hooks on 3 songs but gets composer credit on them. Since all 3 have killer guitar on them I’m guessing he brought that? Either way, Electric Blue is my favorite song on the album. Four seconds into it you can hear Boldy muttering along with the hook before launching into a killer first verse “City of Detroit like a wrecking ball!” this song moves with an alt rock groove that might be an odd fit for most dope boy rappers. Boldy talking to the music, talking along with it, made me think of Curren$y. He used to do that. I always felt like Curren$y wasn’t trying to take over the world, he just really needed music. Needed to make it, hear it, be around it. It makes sense that this song ends on the sharp guitar playing rather than Boldy’s voice. You can see Boldy nodding to it. Whether it’s the voice of Chapman, Chuckstaaa, or Sir Michael Rocks sharp interesting sounds are the power Boldy draws his energy from and anyone scratching their head about how he does it…is missing how much he needs it. Need and want are different levels. The way he chases great sounds is impressive but more importantly a beautifully sincere commitment. Please give me an album sequel to Indiana Jones that includes Chapman on every song. The guitar work alone takes things to another level.


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