News on the Patreon

by Dan O

News on the Patreon

The deeper subscriber world is mostly transitioned to our Freemusicempire Patreon page. The community is growing nicely over there! For those engaging here who don’t know what additional you receive I can list some vital points.

  1. Bonus content-Pockets of time before we start State of The Game our guests will indulge me in an extra topic, Small Professor on the 1983 NBA Draft, Shyne & The Game with Steel Tipped Dove & MIGHTYHEALTHY. Beyond these pockets of hilarious conversation, I dropped spoken word pieces of my vacation to Belize. A lot of Patreon only extras are out there and worth it.
  2. Early Access-Since Patreon is much easier for both myself and users to operate I am providing all Freemusicempire content to FME Patreon Patrons first. From regular reviews to State of The Game to additional content its all going to hit Patreon first because that’s the best place to do business.
  3. Meaningful Collaborations-This is a series that will look at really meaningful collaboration songs that had ramifications but aren’t talked about enough. It is only on Patreon accessible at any pay tier on Patreon. Join up and enjoy.
  4. State of The Game guest status-At random times in my booking I grab Patreon supporters to actually guest on State of The Game and talk with us about music. It has worked really well so far because we have a dope crew of people that support the Patreon.

More will be coming! Whenever I experiment with a new way to talk about music Patreon community will get it first so be there and good stuff will happen.


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