Song review-Make It Home by Supastition

by Dan O

Every Last Word bubbles with frustration in a very pure way. It isn’t part of the floss-and-flex luxury rap scene. It isn’t part of the obtuse-poetic group either. Six songs all produced written and performed by Supastition. Throughout he spits in a very literal way, you can feel the passionate distaste fly in his words like droplets of spit from an angry pro-wrestlers mouth. Of the six, Make It Home is the moment. The sample is soulful, the drums knock. Traffic is bumper to bumper and the rage running through the song is blood red and vivid…but our narrator controls it. Makes it home. He owns the anger running through his flawless flow and how it effects his life, the work it takes to stay in front of it.

Make It Home proves that this isn’t an omniscient narrator pointing fingers at the world. This is a flailing flurry of attacks at all the problems. Sure, Supastition feels like people are reading off Griselda’s teleprompter but if you really pay attention to how Make It Home ends no confusion will remain. His crystal-clear finale starts “Understand that I’m an artist. Part of that means I second guess everything. On any given Sunday my confidence is somewhere between feeling like I’m one of the best that ever did it to saying F_ everything I’m selling all my equipment.” It feels so powerfully true that it appears as a secret we fear he should have kept to himself. Since it’s the same one we keep buried.

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