Albums of The Year so far p.1

Albums of The Year so far p.1 by Dan-O Since this site started in 2011 we have never posted a list. At best, posting the list distracts from a focus on good art. It moves the readers eye towards the numerical ranking aspect. At worst, It becomes an arbitrary insult that leaves every project notContinue reading “Albums of The Year so far p.1”

#Bandcampgold-The Professionals by Madlib & Oh No

#Bandcampgold-The Professionals by Madlib & Oh No by Dan-O It’s impossible to fairly discuss Madlib. If you like any of the levels of rap below pop superstardom, he is everywhere you go. He produced most of the important songs on my favorite Mos Def album (2009’s The Ecstatic) not to mention MF Doom’s high pointContinue reading “#Bandcampgold-The Professionals by Madlib & Oh No”

Operation Doom Discography 2000-2005

Operation Doom Discography 2000-2005 by Dan-O M.F. Doom was so active during this period of time I am going to have to separate this into stuff you need to hear and stuff you absolutely don’t. Must hear: King Geedorah-Take Me to Your Leader=Simply put one of the best produced independent albums ever. Doom is onContinue reading “Operation Doom Discography 2000-2005”

Song of The Year-Knicks by Freddie Gibbs produced by Madlib!pl=4c4fbb0394559d3120f10d23be2f957854a05ca4 Song of The Year-Knicks by Freddie Gibbs produced by Madlib by Dan-O When the full album collaboration between these two forces was announced some aspects of it were certain. The lyrics were going to be tough. Gibbs has a range of toughness that runs anywhere from Rambo going back in Vietnam to win itContinue reading “Song of The Year-Knicks by Freddie Gibbs produced by Madlib”