Albums of The Year so far p.1

Albums of The Year so far p.1

by Dan-O

Since this site started in 2011 we have never posted a list. At best, posting the list distracts from a focus on good art. It moves the readers eye towards the numerical ranking aspect. At worst, It becomes an arbitrary insult that leaves every project not ranked #1 as less than. I’ve wrestled with this a lot. I make lists all throughout the year and circulate them to friends and associates. It’s a great way to keep track of what has come out thus far and keep fresh in your mind things that would otherwise drift.

The idea from now on:all the problems I articulated about lists in the last paragraph are end of year problems. At the end of the year I will NOT declare the best to fiftieth best album. Your AOTY list is much more important in March and August.

As a new year starts the top names hold their albums for summer or winter. Very few high impact releases come through early in the year. You read a lot of “It’s been slow so far” but it hasn’t. It’s a great time for independent or smaller names to shine. We have a LOT of great projects that have come out so far, here is my list.

  1. The Price of Tea in China by Boldy James x Alchemist
  2. Man Alive! By King Krule
  3. Aloha by Son Little
  4. Texas Sun by Khruangbin x Leon Bridges
  5. Funeral by Lil Wayne
  6. Chickaboom! by Tami Neilson
  7. Circles by Mac Miller
  8. Got It Made by Kamaiyah
  9. Untrapped-Yo Gotti
  10. Always Tomorrow by Best Coast
  11. My Turn by Lil Baby
  12. The Professionals by Oh No x Madlib
  13. Unlocked by Denzel Curry x Kenny Beats
  14. Immortal Flame by Cities Aviv
  15. Pop Smoke by Meet The Woo 2

I do not have different lists for different genres. Beyond sheer technical best these albums are in order of interest. The interest I have in revisiting and forming a lasting relationship with the project. Listen to the accompanying clips of whatever strikes you, it makes for a strange playlist.


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