Freestyles to Free albums: The songs that got us there(Game edition)
Freestyles to Free albums: The songs that got us there

Game-300 Bars N Runnin

by Dan-O

A narrative has started on twitter, mostly by radio personalities and fellow rappers that Game has never had a wack album, untrue. He made a wack album called LAX. The narrative has its foundation in 300 Bars N Runnin. In this era Game put a mixtape out before you could listen to the last one all of them funny, mean, and intensely passionate. No matter how many albums he puts out and how spotty they become the hip hop public can’t stop watching Game because of his unhinged dedication. When hipster music criticism epicenter Pitchfork posted a review of his R.E.D. album it was funereal, burying his relevance. That next week R.E.D. was #1 on the charts. It doesn’t matter.

Dj Skee and NJ Devil had real chemistry with Game. For 15 minutes in 300 Bars N Runnin he goes at Jay-z, Olivia, 50 Cent, Tony Yayo, Lloyd Banks, DJ Whoo Kid, Young Buck and generally stews in daytons and gunshots. Game can rap for as long as the beat goes and longer, yes he namedrops constantly and his extreme emotional swings can make the music unrealistic. Its Game reality and this is a good introduction to it: fearless, damaged, internally and externally hostile this song was followed by a sequel 150 Bars N Runnin. On that track Game would slam the microphone down at the end so angry at his opponents he couldn’t contain it anymore. None of it seemed fake, his anger at Shyne, Ras Kass, so on and so on it all comes from the bubbling unbalance that drives his music but it also mixes with great undeniable skill. 300 Bars N Runnin’ gives it all to you.


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