Song of the year-Future featuring Rocko-Chosen One

Song of the year-Future featuring Rocko-Chosen One

by Dan-O

It’s easy to hate the hottest artists. It’s like that commercial you love the first time and despise the 85th time. I totally get that. What shouldn’t get lost is the effort it takes to be everywhere, the talent it takes. This is certainly the case with Future. If you told me he’s only popular because of auto tune I would laugh in your face, you can put auto tune on your phone its no ones secret weapon.

When Future dropped his mixtape FBG: The Movie(his Freeband Gang compilation) most people figured it would be another grab bag of highs and lows. It turned out to be an exhausting 24 track trip through slamming beats and audacious hooks that stick to your brain. Beyond Futures catchy knack with hooks, Chosen One highlights what has given him rap games center stage. When he stops on a dime and says “…and when you make it from the bottom you the chosen one,” it doesn’t feel like another catchy hook. It feels like something real to him. Rap is America’s public discourse on success and whether you like it or not Future is a part of that. By blowing up the feelings that come with success and spreading them neatly across thousands of hooks his bass-guitar sample-hook combination is running the gamut through every mp3 player in your gym. He woke up in a new Bugatti and he’s driving it like a maniac through the rap universe.

On a side note Rocko is one of the best guest verses in the game right now. He’s incredibly wordy but his mixtapes lack any of the charismatic spark that seems to fall off of everything Future does, that being said, if you give him 16 bars he will not fail you.


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