The Bad and The Ugly

The Bad and The Ugly

by Dan-O

King Louie- March Madness

In the nature of full disclosure I never enjoyed the drill scene. It always seemed like Trap music made less fun. When picking from the world of Chicago drill King Louie has always been my favorite. He seems to have the most fun, and that’s not saying much. Apparently, Louie decided to make a song every day in March collecting them all in one hard to get through collection of songs about weed, banging reprehensible women, and bandz. Its not just that Louie rhymes in annoying disconnected word chunks its also the hopeless dankness of his existence, when he tries to do an upbeat club song you hear him say “She knows I ain’t sh#t but she said that’s ok,” by the end of it you can’t help but ponder how hard it is to make a King Louie song? He’s known enough to just open his inbox and pick out a beat, throw some repeated B words through autotune, could be a chorus could not be…who cares? The song a day thing either makes you really impressed with an artist or makes you question their ultimate value, I was forced into the second option on March Madness.

Stream or download March Madness below:


Le$ is becoming a better rapper. He even jokes on Exquisite about the ungodly number of mixtapes he has put out in recent years. It’s improved his flow but now he’s dedicated his time to rapping over other peoples beats. You might say this isn’t that big an issue since it worked for Wayne and countless others. The problem is Le$ picks nothing but classic beats to rap over, whether it’s the Mobb Deep Scarface sample money counting beat or darn near all of Reasonable doubt it presents issues: I’ve heard these beats thousands of times so its not that exciting that he’s using them, and he’s never going to lay a better verse over a reasonable doubt beat than Jay did so why bother? A lot of these songs don’t even have chorus’s, which gives the distinct impression that Exquisite is practice for a more important project. *Allen Iverson voice* Practice! I don’t want to hear you practice.

Stream or download Exquisite below:


Future has been on such a roll recently people are now fearlessly riding the bandwagon for all its worth. So when the Free Band Gang’s resident Waka Flocka sound-a-like put out his debut mixtape people jumped on twitter to compliment it. Probably because of the Mike Will Made It style production of Metro Boomin(who seems to have found a way to turn up the volume on the Mike Will template) and the screaming. Casino screams pretty well and he pronounces words interestingly but the words aren’t that big a deal. Sure he talks about drug dealing and Future pops up on occasion to make things fun but Casino doesn’t have a firm grip on the seething paranoia of Gucci’s trap blueprint. He‘s also not Waka because Waka is a better rapper, if you actually listen he’s got the kind of bars that stick. Casino passes through your speakers like a bug in your house, he’s there and annoying and then he’s gone. I’m not saying this is how he will always be; it’s the first major chance for him so growth will happen but he’s got a ways to go before I’ll be excited to listen.

Stream or download Ex-Dealer below:

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