Song Review-Criket by Couleen Lagon

Song Review-Criket by Couleen Lagon

by Dan-O

While following all things DJ Burn One I stumbled upon a great song from Scotty’s mixtape ( made impressive partially by a man with a very unique voice that did the chorus. Most times you hear a genuinely bluesy voice on a rap song it’s a sample but this time it was a dude named Couleen Lagon. He found my write up and sent me his album Delivery System from 2012. What I got was very interesting. To quote my wife “It’s weird…but I like it.”

The album turns out to be Lagon flexing his voice Blind Willie Johnson style over the strangest assortment of bass driven club beats you could imagine. A few of the beats sound like they carry elements of old video game theme songs. This dynamic makes it exactly as my wife summed it up. Weird in that you can hear laser sounds behind the foot stomping guitar but great in how catchy and good natured it is. Delivery System isn’t an album that has to be a guilty pleasure. You can put Criket on and jam out with your kids and grandmother.

Lagon achieves a tricky balance with these modern musical elements and the blues/gospel influences. You’ll still hear hand claps over church organs but if you keep listening you can catch the unexpected. It’s not just deeply interesting and inoffensive…Delivery System and this song in particular become hard to get away from. The more you listen, the more you listen.

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