Song of The Year- Double Up and Rewind by 2 $ Fabo produced by King Dominus

Song of The Year- Double Up and Rewind by 2 $ Fabo produced by King Dominus

by Dan-O

I don’t believe that any trend in music is without a valid foundation. That’s why things are so cyclical. As maligned and mocked as the crunk trend became the most popular and best mixtape of 2014 so far is exactly and brilliantly that.

Maybe we were all trapped in sleepy cloud beats for too long, lulled by listless drill snarl so much that one of the members from the crunk hall of fame group D4L had to drop a twenty two track sonic boom of roars and snarls over production so big and silly it keeps killing off pairs of my headphones.

I just wonder how many of the same people cracking D4L Laffy Taffy jokes back in 2006 are pumping 2 $ Fabo’s new mixtape We Amongst You and banging their heads to every AY! The mixtape is full of stupid skits that never get old and ceaseless Pac-Man like energy. The hooting and hollering might recall Lil Jon and his big pimp cup but Fabo can rap when he wants and near the end of the tape (It Was A Nightmare) he gets serious and makes it one of the real high points. Props to King Dominus who creates a stupid fun glow stick friendly atmosphere all over the four tracks he touches (the baseline on My GIK Walk is epic).

I don’t know if anywhere in hip hop gets sillier than Atlanta and I hope we’ve reached a point where everyone knows that that’s a valuable thing.


2 responses to “Song of The Year- Double Up and Rewind by 2 $ Fabo produced by King Dominus”

  1. How can I get in touch with Dan-O?

    1. Dan-O hears you. What can he do for you?

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